Srijagannatha O Rathajatra Book

Prepare to encounter the dynamic embroidery of Odisha’s social legacy with the Odia book Srijagannatha O Rathajatra.

Created by Harihar Kanungo, this spellbinding show-stopper takes perusers on an upbeat excursion into the core of the widely popular Rathajatra celebration.

Through distinctive narrating and careful examination, the book rejuvenates the loftiness, commitment, and customs related with Master Jagannatha and the notable chariot celebration.

Find the meaning of the chariots, the intense serenades of fans, and the brilliant parades that enhance the roads of Puri. Submerge yourself in the rich social legacy and profound enthusiasm that saturate each page.

Srijagannatha O Rathajatr” commends the substance of Odisha’s social character and offers perusers an opportunity to observe the heavenly display of Rathajatra through the creator’s savvy writing.

Unfurl the sections of this book, join the aficionados in their genuine dedication, and be charmed by the heavenly atmosphere of “Srijagannatha O Rathajatra”!

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