Kabira Bani Odia Book

Kabira Bani by Laxmikant Khuntia is a profound exploration of the teachings and philosophy of the legendary saint-poet Kabir, presented in the context of Odia literature. In this enlightening book, Khuntia delves into Kabir’s timeless verses, offering readers a contemporary interpretation of his spiritual wisdom and insights. Through a series of essays, anecdotes, and reflections, … Lees meer

Srijagannatha O Rathajatra Book

Prepare to encounter the dynamic embroidery of Odisha’s social legacy with the Odia book Srijagannatha O Rathajatra. Created by Harihar Kanungo, this spellbinding show-stopper takes perusers on an upbeat excursion into the core of the widely popular Rathajatra celebration. Through distinctive narrating and careful examination, the book rejuvenates the loftiness, commitment, and customs related with … Lees meer

Odia Bhasatatwa Odia Book

Odia Bhasatatwa authored by Sri Gopinath Nanda Sharm is a fascinating exploration of the essence and intricacies of the Odia language. This book delves deep into the linguistic aspects, grammar, syntax, and rich cultural heritage that form the foundation of Odia literature. Through his scholarly approach and insightful observations, Sharm takes readers on a captivating … Lees meer

Meghamedura Odia book

Meghamedura is a remarkable Odia novel penned by the acclaimed author Pratibha Ray. This literary masterpiece takes readers on an enchanting journey through the lives of its vibrant characters, delving into the depths of human emotions, relationships, and societal conventions. Set against the backdrop of Odisha, “Meghamedura” captures the essence of the region’s cultural heritage … Lees meer

Yajnaseni For Odia Novel Book

Yajnaseni authored by the eminent writer Pratibha Ray, stands as a literary masterpiece in Odia literature, captivating readers with its poignant narrative, rich cultural backdrop, and thought-provoking exploration of human emotions and ethical dilemmas. Set in the Mahabharata era, the novel revolves around the enigmatic character of Draupadi, portraying her life and complexities with profound … Lees meer