Buxi Jagabandhu of 1817

Buxi Jagabandhu, a legendary figure in Indian history, stands tall as the chief architect of the Khurda Paik Rebellion of 1817. This uprising, also known as the Paik Rebellion, was a crucial event in the freedom struggle against British colonial rule in Odisha, India. Buxi Jagabandhu, a valiant and visionary leader, rose to prominence during … Lees meer

Jagannath Dharma: A Spiritual Journey to Enlightenment

Jagannath Dharma is a spiritual pathway steeped in profound devotion and seeks to guide individuals on a transcendental journey towards enlightenment. Rooted in the teachings and traditions associated with Lord Jagannath, the revered deity of Puri, Odisha, this spiritual practice encapsulates the essence of love, surrender, and spiritual evolution. Central to Jagannath Dharma is the … Lees meer